About Esra Öz

She graduated from Department of Biology, Eskisehir Osmangazi University and also from Radio & TV Programming, Anadolu University. She earned her master’s degree from Department of Journalism, Faculty of Communication, Ankara University.

She worked as a publishing director and editor in different newspapers, magazines and online news sources. She worked as a consultant during the establishment and management of Turkish Ministry of Health social media accounts. She worked as a senior communication coordinator in different EU projects and organized media workshops. She worked as a Corporate Communication and Training Manager.

14 years of science, health and technology journalism makes her one of the first bloggers in Turkey. She also has a popular YouTube channel called “Science Conversation with Esra Oz” and “Esra in ScienceLand”, where she host eminent scientists and researchers and discusses their research.


She was among TEDx speakers on health communication & literacy:

She has received 10 press awards so far. She published three books:  “Discover by Smell”, “A Different View on Health News” and “Detective Duru In Pursuit of the Truth (1) – Mysterious Tips for Healthy Eating”. She also published book chapters in Health Literacy, Forensic Smell, and Guidelines for Protecting Children in the Virtual World (N). She is a healthcare communication consultant. She writes for CNNTurk.com, Independent Turkish, NewsLab Turkey and EuroNews Turkish, Digital Age and Medikal News. Here are some news reporting from her:


She run trainings workshops on science communication, digital and media literacy, digital health, effective communication and developing scientific literacy among the general public.

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